Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vibrators, Dildos and Pigments...does size matter?

I had to save this post for late since it feeds to Twitter - I thought it more appropriate for Twitter After Dark.  LOL

A funny thing happened the other day - the mail guy comes to my desk since the mail pickup/drop off is right outside my cubicle.  Usually he says a little greeting makes some small talk and then he's on his way.  Well this day he lingered a bit longer, much longer than usual actually.  So I'm typing away and just happen to glance out the corner of my eye - I am filled with a sudden surge of glee as I realize he's holding a little package that I just know is for me and he's studying it intently.  So I think to myself ok...whatever - stop looking at him and go back to typing but he's still there.  Finally he sets the package on my desk and walks away without uttering a word, so I say "thank you!" like I always do and grab the is that very moment that I realize why he was acting so strangely (its strange to me because its a break from his norm)...

You see when I get pigments I usually dont get the full sized ones.  Even as a freelance artist I doubt I will ever use a full pigment jar, I mean really those things are GI-NOR-MUS!  So I order the pigment samples from The Body Needs - have been doing so for over a year and aside from the battle with myself over the lack of instant gratification (I really despise online ordering for that fact alone - I want to touch my wares IMMEDIATELY, waiting a week is beyond torture), I have no complaints. 

So for those that have ordered pigment samples before you know they usually come stacked on top of each other and wrapped in some form or fashion resembling a cylinder-like the non makeup lover who happens to be an older gentleman, if you see a package for a young woman, from a company called The Body Needs, that feels like it contains two long... *cough cough* items - your mind could wander.  My co-workers and I laughed about this for a good 10-15 minutes (this is what happens in the afternoon slump when you are trying to resist the urge to buy cupcakes.

I havent seen him since then LOL  I still think its pretty funny.  Now look at you thinking this was gonna be some raunchy post about a wild night filled with adult toys and smearing pigment all over...something...or somebody...hmmmm maybe....never mind...

If you are interested in seeing what I picked up see below.  If you want to pick up some pigments check out The Body Needs, they have more than just pigments (I actually ordered a beauty powder this time around also) and sometimes you can snag a deal - I picked up a pigment for 99 cents!  Also stay tuned for the FOTD for 9/10 - I left the camera in the house, and then left the cord to upload the pics at work (scatter...brained)  I will definitely have it up tomorrow along with tomorrow's look.  See you soon!

Your Ladyship
Golders Green
Crystalled Lime
Crystalled Yellow
Blue Glitter Brilliants
Genuine Orange (which I already have -totally forgot)
Reflects Rust (beautiful right?)
Brash & Bold (the one on the left of course and this was te 99 cent special SCORE!)
Landscape Green
Glitter Gold
Marine Ulta
Vanilla (not sure what took me so long to get this but I love it and MAY get the full sized one)
No swatches this time but if you ask, you shall receive!

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