Friday, September 25, 2009

Hearthrob Neva, BLACK and Ugly as Eva...

ANOTHER MAC Style Black post???  ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! 

I am so sorry to those of you who are uninterested in this collection but it isnt often that I just HAVE to HAVE a MAC Collection.  I do pick up odds and ends, bits and bobs, from the releases but none have grabbed a hold of my heart and wallet like this one, not since Naughty Nauticals at least. 

I had to hold out until today, stewing on the inside that others were able to see and touch this collection during NYFW and some even before that!  I was dealt another blow when they released it online and I received the emails on two of my accounts (the pro and the personal) that the collection was out and I was MISSING out!  Oh but joy comes in the morning and I was front row center when MAC opened up today!  When I was greeted by the store manager, Lauren, she inquired on what brought me to see them today I let my body float over to the Style Black display (dramatize much?) and excitedly replied "STYLE BLACK!"  (dorky much?)  LOL  We gushed over the products together and agreed that this is not a collection for the faint of heart but that all should give it a shot because it can be made wearable or can be that extreme, depending on what you desire. 

Anyway, on to the haulage!

I got sucked into the hype and picked up 2 of the exfoliators, the consistency is to die for!  I just want to slather it all ova my booooooody!  LOL

The shadows are GORGEOUS!

The polish is too - I cant wait to wear that gold flecked one...and that Bat Black CCB, ooh honey...yall just dont know...

Of course I couldnt leave the Dazzlecremes hangin' - Amorous?  I adore you and Lucious Spark is calling me too - I almost picked up Morange to wear under it but I have the orange that came with Neo Sci Fi (cant think of the name of it) so we will see how that works out.

This is just a quickie post.  I will do a look with these tomorrow and for the TPC Meetup on Sunday as I channel one of the SATC characters.  I am torn between two characters and found these AWESOME shoes that I want to incorporate into the look.  Anybody have any ideas on which character I should emulate?  Let me know!

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