Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Wanna Be an MUA - mini updates

As I began this journey I didn't know what to expect or what direction I wanted to take. Makeup Artistry can manifest itself in so many ways - film, print, runway, FX, etc. I have actually had an opportunity to participate in almost every medium thus far and for that I am so so very thankful. I just wanted to post this as an encouragement to those embarking on a similar journey, or you know what, ANY journey. Don't let anything deter you from what you dream of accomplishing. I have encountered so much hate and not even so much the blatant kind, its the sneaky, fake encouraging but really not happy for you in real life variety and I admit I let it get to me in the beginning but as of late, with things really picking up that I realize I must be doing something right so I let it roll of my back. Be encouraged, steadfast and determined, even when it seems like the road is a bit rocky, even if you have to go another route, continue on your journey no matter what.

With that said on to the news!

I did a shoot for a book cover! I don't know the name of the book just yet but it is of the erotica variety. Whenever I go on a gig I take my camera in hopes of getting some on set shots and I always forget or get caught up working that I don't have time to do snapshots. In any event the photographer did send me some preliminary shots that I wanted to share. Due to the nature of the book I will only share one that is a little more appropriate for those viewing while at work:

As you can see it called for a dramatic eye and bold lip. As soon as I receive more info on the book I will let you all know.

I did a wedding! When I first started I was a bit apprehensive but I lucked out with this bride and her family. They were so warm and pleasant that I really enjoyed myself. I don't have the photos yet but stay tuned...

Next up...Baltimore Fashion Week!!! I had my audition last week and I was so nervous I made myself sick...no like for real. I ended up getting stuck in traffic, getting lost along the way, but once I got in the studio and set up I just remained focused and the rest is history! I will be sure to keep you updated on that as well as other things coming up.

I'm doing another film! I had a shoot this past weekend where I had to do a 3 month old bullet wound (again with the no pics Shana!!! sheesh), we should wrap production by the end of August.

That's about it for now (that's enough right?), thanks for stopping by!

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