Sunday, May 3, 2009

T&T Beauty - Use It or Lose It: Spring Greens

Are you like me in that you have lots of makeup that you hardly use? Do you constantly reach for those same tried and true products either out of habit or fear of going against the grain of what others may deem "appropriate makeup"? I hereby challenge you to break the mold, get out of the monotony and forge a new path!

I am going to put my makeup stash to use. Even if I just sit my behind in the house I will use these products. I am not a collector so there is no need to sit around looking at the pretty colors letting money go to waste.

To kick off this new series I did a video I like to call Spring Greens. I would definitely wear this look out of the house...too bad its raining cats and dogs today. Anywho, accept my challenge wont you? Hey - why not even do a response vid, or shoot me a photo of a look you did with those poor forgotten colors. I'd love to see!

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