Wednesday, April 15, 2009

T&T Beauty Bummer: Adult Breakouts

oh woe is me! I try not to throw pity parties too often but I have been down in the dumps lately about my skin. I tried a product recently that I really did enjoy but my skin gave me a mean case of the blues because of it. I tried to blame the breakout on everything else but once I stopped using this particular item (which shall not be revealed in this post) my skin has been improving on the daily.

From - According to a 2004 International Journal of Cosmetic Science article "Recent epidemiological studies show that there appears to be an increase in post-adolescent acne, and that the disease is lasting longer and is requiring treatment well into the mid forties." *long record scratch" Oh HELL no! Thats all we need on top of everything else going on. A huge NO THANK YOU! to that one. If it means I have to change every single aspect of my lifestyle I refuse to revisit puberty any longer than I had to back in the day. Im good, really.

In order to help the healing process along I stopped all face cosmetics *sigh* and upped my cleansing routine by incorporating a facial cleansing brush, no no, not that high priced whositwhatsit that everyone was on real hard for a while there (I love a bargain so until that bad boy offers one I will NOT be partaking), no my pretties I picked one up from my tried and true beauty supply store around the way.

I am still using my Neutrogena products, in particular the Clear Pore Cleanser Mask and toner, I discussed here, so I should be back to normal within a week...I hope!

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