Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Truth About Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Primer

I recently had the chance to try a sample of this primer courtesy of one of my fav things, GIFT WITH PURCHASE!, from Beauty 360 (yes I was there again!). I put it to the test this past weekend as you can see in my Blueberry Fizz vid. Well when I got home my eyes were a creasy mess! I am a UDPP girl tried and true so I am not used to this! Even if all my other makeup is gone my eyes stay in tact. I was at a Final Four party so all I was doing was arguing about sports, etc and sipping on my beverage, thats it so I couldnt understand why my shadow was behaving this way. I thought ok, no way this product has my eyes doing this so let me try it again.

I used it yesterday at work and it was just a swipe of a eye brightening color since I had a lack of sleep the night before, nothing too extreme. And this is what happened...

OH THE HORROR!!!!! *insert super sad face here* I was really hurt that my eyes looked like this and the day wasnt even done! In it's defense I do have oily lids HOWEVER, when I use UDPP, I dont have this problem, so maybe if you dont have the oily lid issue it could work for you.

I tried Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Primer and the truth is, I am glad it was a sample because had I paid the full $18 I would NOT be a happy camper. If you want to try it for yourself I say go for it, everything ain't for everybody. You can pick it up if you have a Beauty 360 near you or via the pop beauty website.

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