Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Wanna Be an MUA – Billy B. Edition – Part II

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Billy took us through how to find the perfect brow shape for any client and stresses that you don’t always fill in brows.  The model he used had a beautiful strong brow and definitely didn’t need any assistance in that area.  He opted to use an eyebrow razor as most of the time an artist is doing temporary work just for that day.  Using a razor affords the client the quickest route back to the brow they had before they sat in your chair.

His next step would be deemed unconventional by most – he curled the model’s lashes!  Starting at the base and working up but not squeezing too hard he said that he likes to do this first to get an idea of the lash potential.  He says that he curls the lashes of EVERYONE, and that artists should invest in a good lash curler.  He gave these as options:

  • Billy B.
  • Shiseido
  • Shu Uemura
  • MAC

Next he applied moisturizer, his choice was Embryolisse, this was also the go to option for Jon Hennessey when I attended the Artist Summit October 2008.

Billy used a liquid foundation and stressed that a good one has a silicone base, and suggested the following:

  • Face Atelier

He applied the most product under the eye as this is a problem area for most, then blended and buffed out.  The least amount of product you can use to achieve the desired result is best.  He also used the foundation on the eyelid as a primer and said that if you apply the foundation correctly you don't need the primer that cosmetic companies try to get you to buy, stating that primers are more for consumers than makeup artists. 

**DISCLAIMER – I am sure Billy B. is not knocking any company that sells primer, because most of them do, I am also sure that he is not knocking anyone who chooses to use a primer, he is merely stating his preference and I hope you take it as such**

After applying the foundation he opted for a translucent, color-less powder to set, for women of color he prefers a more orange or pumpkin toned loose powder. 

Some tips he threw in throughout the demonstration were to know when not to do more.  You don’t need to do every trick every time.  An artist has to practice restraint and know when to stop.  You move forward cautiously with less makeup, take your time and watch the face evolve.  For more tips and to see the finished look check out the final installment of I Wanna Be an MUA – Billy B. Edition!

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