Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Wanna Be an MUA – Billy B. edition – Part I

A HUGE part of the reason I went to LA is to become more educated on how to succeed as a makeup artist.  This is going to be a more lengthy post but I feel its important to learn the business aspect as well as perfecting the artistry itself.  What better way to do that than to learn from the most successful and talented artists in this business.  We begin with Billy B.


Billy B. chose to balance his words of wisdom with step by step details on how he achieved the final look on his model for the day.  Selecting her so that he could spend some time on the importance of eyebrow shape, he chose to cater to those in the audience who may not be an as experienced artist.


Billy stressed the importance of humility.  He urged to keep in mind that when at work, its not about what you like.  One needs to really listen to who they're working with.  An artist has to step outside of them self in order to achieve the best result. A key step in that is to understand the goal of the team of people you are working with.

A graduate of the school of real life beauty and on the job experience, Billy B. did not attend formal makeup artistry school, instead he began his road to success by working at a makeup counter in New York City.  He believes one doesn't necessarily need to attend a beauty school but must possess some form of innate talent, because ultimately no one can teach you taste. 

He says that the most successful artist learns from their own mistakes and finds their own way.  Don't aspire to be someone else and don't beat yourself up by comparing yourself to others.  Work on your weaknesses, see where things are going really well and balance that.  Once you clear your head of all that, the success will come.  You must have the talent, remain focused and put your craft first.  We all have a journey, just strive for greatness and be the best that YOU can be. 

Billy believes that agents are important and that when working with them to get jobs you have to possess a tough skin.  Detach yourself emotionally and let your ego go.  Keep in mind that in this business there is a HUGE element of luck, but you still need to work your ass off.

Wise words and sound advice right?  He doesn't take himself too seriously and really is sincere in his message.  I am so glad I “camped out” so that I could experience what others have raved about.  Now on to the makeup which can be seen in part two of I Wanna Be an MUA – Billy B. edition!

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