Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Wanna Be an MUA – Billy B. Edition – FINALE!

Billy informed us that you don't powder to death at the beginning, do a little bit at a time.  While saying this he used a brush similar to the MAC 227 to powder the model.  I thought this was perfect as its fluffy and can pick up enough product without being too big.  It can fit in those hard to reach areas surrounding the nose and the undereye area with ease.

While working on the model’s eyes he stated that he does not do a frost on the brow bone.  Its dated and right now the trend in makeup is all about youth and modernism.  Doing one eye at a time allows you to work through your plan of action and perfect it.  Once you begin to work on the other eye it automatically takes shape in the same direction as the first.  He used a shadow as eyeliner as it is a more soft and buildable application and doesn't have that slick appearance that a pencil gives.  You can always go over the shadow with a pencil and take a brush like the Billy B. #12 to blend the pencil line.


He used the Billy B. #4 brush to contour and said that he uses powders to build sheen, so as not to leave the face wet which can pose a problem during a long shoot.  He keeps the density of the lashes at the base and chose to go the more modern route of doing less on the mouth for a more youthful take on the look.  Billy said that some of his best work was done with an amazing clear gloss and the model’s natural lip color.  For the final look he used MAC’s subculture lip pencil.




Billy B. recently had one of his dreams come true in which he did the cover for Spanish Vogue.  This look, he says, is similar to what he created for the shoot.  I am glad he chose to share with us and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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