Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Truth About Acadiana Restaurant DC

Restaurant Week is coming to a close here in D.C. and I have to attend at least one new restaurant each time it rolls around (for those that don't know Restaurant Week happens twice a year round these parts and other parts as well!). Well this time I thought I was going to miss it until a friend of mine wanted to go to a new place for lunch. We ended up at Acadiana.

Acadiana is part of the Redmon Group of restaurants, of which there are four total (Tenh Penh is a favorite of mine located at Tenth and Pennsylvania Ave NW - don't you love the play on the name?!).

Located at 901 New York Avenue, NW, Acadiana describes their cuisine as "capturing the true spirit of Louisiana". I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing Louisiana just yet but if it is anything like what I experienced on Friday then please do sign me up. Every item that came out was seasoned to perfection, no additional salt or anything needed. Biscuits were served while we waited for our appetizers and came with a marmalade butter mixture that was divine. So good in fact that we just had to order another basket of them. For my appetizer I enjoyed the trio of deviled eggs - crab, shrimp, and ham - I devoured these, so fast in fact that I forgot to snap a picture, sorry everyone. :-( For my entree I savored the blackened tilapia covered in a cream sauce with crawfish on a bed of collard greens with a sweet corn cake. O-M-G, how bout' yeah?! DEE-LISH-US (no Flava Flav)! To bring this wonderful meal to a close I chose the creme brulee', while indeed tasty it wasn't anything to write home about. I think the crust was a bit to brulee'ed for my liking. Oh, but how could I forget??? THE MOJITO!!! It is so easy for someone to ruin a Mojito, believe me I have tried some that were mediocre at best, but this one was perfection, the right balance of mint, fizz, sweet, just all around good.

Blackened Tilapia

Creme Brulee'


I would definitely recommend Acadiana, even if it wasn't Restaurant Week. I plan on returning very soon!

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