Friday, January 23, 2009

The Truth About Free Makeup!

I tried to get free makeup from the cosmetics settlement, and the truth is...


So a friend of mine and I work together and one day at lunch another co-worker mentioned the settlement. As I perused my copy of Allure magazine I commented that yes it was true. So my friend gave me a mean side eye and wondered, in a very irritated way might I add, why I hadnt mentioned it to her. You see when I find out about things I usually pass it along to the "e-ladies"...commercial break:

The e-ladies also affectionately known as moo-phi, are a group of us who have known each other collectively for a good 20+ years. We used to hang out a lot more but now that kids and life have taken over we have been relocated to conversing mostly via email. Good that we keep in touch, sad that we dont get to see each other in person as much anymore - a couple of pics below from a few years ago...we now return to our regularly scheduled program...

So I thought she was aware. Given my penchant for being forgetful and hers for not checking emails often enough, its quite possible that one of us dropped the ball somewhere. Either way we decided to head out to Tyson's mall to get our share. We tried Bloomie's first and saw the sign that read "NO MORE PRODUCT", so we then tried Nordy's. Before we could even get to the Chanel counter to inquire, a guy beat us to it and was turned away so we were about to leave when the associate with the caked up face decided she wanted to exclaim loudly that they were "all out and Macy's is too!" and that she "can read their minds from a mile away".

Um...excuse you MiMi look-a-like, I dont need your smug remarks in trying to impress your co-worker. You saw us leaving so there was no need to react that way. I can tell I am improving because the old me wouldve said something to her but instead I continued to walk away mumbling incoherently under my breath....Anyway, I hope you all got to enjoy the perks of the settlement, if you did, let me know so I can live vicariously through you! I guess my poor wallet will have to suffer per usual.

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