Friday, November 8, 2013

Just Shana: Blissfully Bare

*warning-this post may be a bit TMI (pics included)*

So...I have been contemplating how to approach this post for the entire week; is humor the best route?  Just come right out with it? 

Honestly, I still don't know but it will probably be a little bit of everything. Especially since I can't sleep and am therefore writing it at 3a.  Nonetheless let's get into it...

I finally got up the nerve to get a Brazilian.  There.  I said it.  

Now to clarify- it's not like I've been on team au naturel all this time-oh quite the contrary my friends, but I have been more of an at home esthetician if you will. 

Depilatories and razors being my weapons of choice, I just could never get up the nerve to have my hoo hah on display for someone to apply hot molten wax on then proceed to rip tiny hairs from places I have to contort into a pretzel to see!  But I digress...

As you know I work at a spa but while I have had skin care and massages with my perks, I didn't know if I wanted one of my coworkers to bare witness (pun intended) to my unseen five o'clock shadow and so I decided to visit Bliss Spa at the W Hotel during my lunch break.

Snacks in the decompression lounge

Upon entry I was checked in and taken to a lounge via a hidden door.  The spa smelled amazing, the lights were dim and the music soothing; all of which helped to ease my nerves in anticipation of my service.

I sat down and proceeded to fill out my client form.  I knew the drill, though no one instructed me to do so, because we have them at my spa.

After signing my life away and noshing on the free olives, my service provider, Beatta, arrived to lead me to my fate.

She instructed me to remove clothing from the waist down and cover myself with the hand towel provided...uh...ok...

If you notice in the pic there are other items on the bed;  let's take a closer look shall we?

My trusty hand towel cover up, 2 wipes and 2 dum dum lollipops!  Ha!  Basically clean it up down there and suck on these through the comes the nerves again.  

Obviously no more pics will be seen in this post.

After making small talk I found out my technician was Polish, married with 2 teenage daughters and visits her birthplace at least once a year because you see the more nervous I got about the waxing the more I ran my mouth.

But I know, I want to know about the waxing itself right?

It actually wasn't as bad as I thought but it isn't for the faint of heart.  You may cry, it will hurt...a lot but once you see the results you will vow to keep returning in order to look that immaculate.

A blue azulene hard wax is applied to the skin in the same way as if you were getting an eyebrow wax.  The hard wax differs from traditional wax in that it adheres to the hair, not the skin.  Azulene (which takes it's name from the Spanish word for blue, azul-hence the color), is a chamomile derived compound used in a variety of Skincare products that aids in soothing the skin.

Yeah but it still hurt.

The only thing I can say to ease your mind is your skin gets more acclimated to the procedure as it continues, so you still feel it but not as intensely.

You lay on your back, feet bottoms pressed together so that your legs are open, kinda resembling that of a chicken.  Nice...

Oh and if your person is as thorough as Beatta was, when it's time to flip on your side for the back area (oh yes they get EVERYTHING) you will have to hold your cheeks apart...

Quite the experience but I already made my follow up appointment so that should tell you I was pleased with the outcome.  I even purchased the recommended after care products.

Cute little shopping bag

Thanks for reading!

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