Sunday, October 27, 2013

Just Shana: My 1st Microdermabrasion treatment

I have never had perfect skin.  There are times when it behaves well but trust that I have to put in work for that to happen.  The slightest fall off and I get a breakout. Wrong foods?  Breakout.  Stress?  Breakout.  You get the idea.

One of the perks in working at the spalon is we get DEEPLY discounted spa and salon services.  I often find it difficult to take advantage of this perk but somehow this month the stars aligned and I was granted entry into relaxation mode for a few hours and so I took full advantage.

I booked an hour long deep tissue massage as well as a microdermabrasion facial.  I have never had that type of facial before but I love a good exfoliation and my skin seems to react well to the methods I utilize myself to exfoliate so I was extra excited to try it.

During the facial a machine is moved across the skin, sort of in the same pattern as when mowing a lawn, up and down in rows to assure all areas are treated.  Tiny crystals are released which help to slough off dead skin cells revealing the newer skin underneath.  You then receive hydrating soothing products to calm the skin.  I loved it and after my skin felt amazing.  Baby bottom smooth and pregnancy glowing...minus the pregnancy part of course cause yeah nah, we are quite done over here thanks!

After that I had my massage and of course that was amazing as well.  Can't you see relaxed written all over my face? And my hair? LOL

Well that butter smooth skin lasted maybe two days and then...

It looked like a cat, Freddy Kreuger or EdwardScissorhands or perhaps the three of them got together to play tic tac toe on my face!  

Now mind you I was warned of this but I exfoliate aggressively so I just knew my experience would be different.  My skin would be tough enough to not succumb to this sort of reaction, well I was wrong.

Would I have the microdermabrasion again?  Yep. I'm a glutton for punishment I guess, no but really once the healing began I was still pretty pleased with my skin and still am.  Just take all precautions if you want to try it and be sure to talk with your esthetician about how to deal with your skin after your treatment.

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