Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just Shana: I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough and Doggone it...

people continue to try me...

So brief history - Ive been at this makeup thing for five years now.  I started right after I had Sam the Girl (my daughter for those new to the blog) and she just turned 5 years old last month.  Initially I did makeup as a side hobby, then it turned into a side job/hustle and then 2 years ago it became my full time gig.  My support system is iron clad so I definitely couldn't have done it without them but yeah I did it.

Sometimes I think those looking from the outside in perceive me to still be attempting a side hobby...

Case in point, and those who are in a similar line of work, or an entrepreneur of any sort will get this, potential clients reach out and inquire about your services and rates.  After providing praise on your work and you disclose your rates they then try to get you to negotiate your rate...

Now I know when I go to a store I cant do that, heck even when I get other services done, say my hair or nails I cant be like oh you know what I wasn't expecting to pay this much for loc maintenance and/or a manicure, are your prices negotiable?

Or you offer your services at a discounted rate and waive a deposit because you are seemingly cool with a person and then they flake on you the day of the service...mind you another paying client could've been in that day/time slot...and now its too late to fill that spot.

Even better is when you constantly have to prove yourself...

If you view my portfolio it contains a lot of clean beauty and though I have a variety of skin tones and ethnicity in my port, for some reason people only zero in on my work on Caucasian clients so they doubt my ability to either "beat a face" (of which I am now pretty much over that term) or apply makeup to anyone other than fair skin. 

Not the case, and not that I owe them any explanation but this is my blog so I am just taking proverbial pen to proverbial paper to iron out these thoughts of mine, the reason I have mostly clean beauty in my port is because well clean beauty is what will get you paid. 

Sorry if that comes across as crass cause it isn't meant to be but that is a known fact.  Not saying you wont get clients doing another kind of makeup but for what I have always had my goals set on, something bigger than my area, I need to be able to service a diverse clientele.  I am proud to say that I have done and continue to do just that.

I get questioned on everything from my technique, to how I acquired a certain gig, to what products I use to how long it takes me to apply makeup to what I charge and why and if I feel I lost out on money...PUMP...YOUR...BRAKES!

Honestly, I take most of the responsibility for the questions.  From day one I have tried to be open and honest to any and everyone who asks my advice when it comes to this but after a while its like why must I be subjected to your antics time and time again?  Now, dont get me wrong I am happy to help anyone who wants to get into this and is SERIOUS about it.  Anyone I have helped/mentored in the past, whatever you want to call it, will attest to the fact that I am a no BS zone and I expect a lot of you but I am also very giving of myself and of helping you to get to where you desire to be as a makeup artist if I can.

When will my contributions be enough?  I can post images of my work, beautiful work, "beat makeup" looks and its still like lets try to find something to pick at and question.  So you know what I do now?  Just answer the questions straight to the point.  I realize that if I continue to feed into it that just prolongs the issue.

I say all this to say, toughen up your armor and kill em with kindness because you are not their issue.

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