Friday, May 31, 2013

Just Shana: No Style Blogger but...

I have always loved all things fashion related.

Prior to attending FIT I was obsessed with The Style Network (before reality TV took over and when I would actually enjoy watching Elizabeth Hasselbeck...), MTV's House of Style (which coincidentally was also my first introduction to Kevyn Aucoin!) Fashion Television, Behind the Velvet Ropes with Lauren Ezersky, you name it, if it was available to watch, I was all in.

Not too much has changed since then aside from maybe not being AS clued in as I once was.  I mean who has time to sit and immerse themselves in all things fashion all day long?

Now, thankfully, if I have a question I can hit my younger brother up since he is a student at LIM in NY (and he ALWAYS knows the answer, he is my walking fashion encyclopedia) so I stay current with what time allows me to.
cute dress I spotted one day while at Pentagon City)

When not bothering my brother with random questions via text I peruse various fashion blogs and one of the best things I picked up was snapping pics of myself in different outfits.

No, not necessarily setting up difference scenarios in various vignettes using the latest most expensive camera and/or camera person, and/or tripod possibly with lighting and a decent dose of photoshop and filters...just my handy dandy iPhone and me with an armful of clothing...or 7 pieces maximum, you know whatever the dressing room attendant allows; and I get my try on, uh, on!

Forever 21 dress that I thought was ugly but cute.  Very hippie chic
You see aside from things like time getting away from me, so has this weight of mine.  Which at one time was on my side, meaning I could walk in a store and know I wore this size, grab it and go without trying it on.

NOW?  The weight is still on my side...and on this side, and that side...and in the the back.  You name it its there!  So now I MUST try EVERYTHING on for the most part or go home and stare at my self in horror.
Another Forever 21 excursion f. a Biggie 'Brooklyn We Go Hard' sleeveless tee and an asymetric sheer skirt.  I got the tee!
Its crazy how something so simple has made the world of difference in me selecting items to add to my closet.  Now I snap the pics and put the clothes on hold.  I enlist the help of my good girlfriends on whether it deserves my coin or not and then if it does I pick it up.  If not?  Well it was fun to play dress up while on my lunch break.

I have wanted a striped blazer forever...and I still dont have one.  Can we say referee?  And the whole return of the hammer pants trend?  Eh...I wasnt convinced.  I still want a striped blazer...this happened at H&M
So for all my good girl and guy friends reading this post if you absolutely hate to shop (who ARE you people???? LOL) then make it fun by having a fitting room photo shoot.

Bustier c/o the Mrs Carter collection at H&M...yes I purchased it.  I dont think they ready for this jelly!  HA!
If nothing else you wont waste any more of your good hard earned coin on random wack purchases
Freakum dress also c/o the Mrs Carter x H&M collection.  It was like $18, of course I got it!
You can also boost your confidence by picking pieces you like but may not be too certain about but guess what?  Its only you in that tiny box with the awful lighting so who cares?!  Try it anyway, you just might like it!
H&M trip again - golden bralette was $5!  The dress not so much but paired together I liked it.  SOLD!

Grecian goddess flow

oh look!  Its the striped blazer again, on yet another day...and I STILL dont have a striped blazer  LOL or a peplum top but it was cute and I still want it...the blazer and the top

see?  you could tell I thought it was cute...I hope its still there...


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