Thursday, June 27, 2013

Diary of an MUA: Test Shoot with O Ray Photography *pic heavy*

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of working with Ray Marshall of O Ray Photography again.  We have done a few projects together (here and another time for a shoot with Afro Blue). 

This time she needed someone to help her with a model test. 

For those that are not familiar a test in general is to do a shoot capturing mostly clean beauty images to determine compatibility. 

That can be photographer to model, photographer to makeup artist, model to agency; whatever the case may be; its to find out if the parties involved would make a good match.

set up for the day-mints and overall good hygiene is key when working in such close proximity of others

Model (Jacinta Jaye Jayson) before

Ray putting finishing touches on Jacinta's hair

The look was peachy and bronze by request

Jacinta and I after doing her makeup

Ready for her closeup!  Look 1

Here are some of the products I used to achieve the look that day

My look for the day - basic beauty

Ray and I after the shoot

some behind the scenes images shot by Ray

Here I am putting the finishing touches on Jacinta's look

One of the final images

Look 2

I had a great time on this shoot.  It is always nice to work with Ray.  She has been on a steady climb towards success since I first met her and she has some amazing things coming up in the near future. 

I took the time to ask her a few questions about her brand that I wanted to share.  See below:

SJ: How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

ORay: Original would be the first word since thats what the O stands for.

SJ: OH!  I never knew that!  years later...LOL

ORay: Little known fact!  Um...I would say feminine and on trend.

SJ: What do you look for when selecting MUAs to work with you?
When asked this question Ray immediately said the first thing she looks for is how the eyebrows look on the work from the makeup artist!  She likes it to be a natural yet defined looking brow and definitely no halo around it (read: obvious light toned foundation).

She also said she likes an OCD makeup artist.  She remarked that she likes how I step in, I step back, clean up as needed and proceed.  Be deliberate in your makeup application, she stated, do not just put makeup on the face.  Even if you make a mistake go in and correct it because she does not want to spend hours trying to create a look in photoshop.

She once had to have an artist take makeup off and then Ray redid it, while the artist watched. 

SJ: What's your favorite makeup product of the moment?
ORay: Oh!  Ok wait you said makeup product, cause you know I am into lashes...
SJ: Well, yeah that can be a makeup product!  Tell me about lashes and then do another one.
ORay: Ok so the two things I cant live without would be my Spiked MAC eyebrow pencil and some individual demi lashes.  If you have that, thats all you really need.  
SJ: What upcoming projects are you working on?
ORay: So next month I am flying to St. Kitts and I am shooting several models from the St. Kitts modeling agency.  They hired me to basically be a fashion consultant; give them all makeovers - makeup, hair and styling, so thats going to be fun.  *sings* I get to be on an know that life!

SJ: Mmm Hmm, you will love it!  You may not want to come back...but bring yourself back! LOL

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