Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wet n Wild Week! A #prettypout review

So as you all should know by now I am a member of the Partners in Pretty group.  If you want to know more about us watch this video:

Each week we challenge ourselves to explore a particular brand and the lip products offered and we call it the #prettypout challenge.  It has helped us to revisit lipstick, lipgloss, etc that we may own but have forgotten about and also get to know a brand that we may not be familiar with.  Other beauty babes have joined in the tag and the brands we feature have taken notice as well.  I love the tag because it also shows that women of any shade can wear any color.

While we have been showing the varied colors and products I realize that you may also want to know how I feel about a certain brand or product that has been featured so I am going to do a recap each week here on the blog.

This post is dedicated to our Wet n Wild week celebration!

The Partners in Pretty Wet n Wild Week Instagram Wrap Up
I really enjoyed this week.  If you recall I dedicated a couple of videos to my love affair with the new and improved Wet n Wild lip products; but if you missed it check below:

 I really dont have anything bad to say about this line.  The price point is good, the color selections are modern and on trend and the pigmentation is amazing.  The only downside(s) are now that we have all discovered the greatness of the brand, these lipsticks are hard to come by.  There have been many times when I pop into a drugstore in search of them and the display has been picked completely over.  I am still on the hunt for 24 karat and some other colors but I digress.  Another pet peeve that some have expressed is that they are a bit drying to the lip.  I have been into mattes lately so that doesnt really bother me.

Below is my recap via IG of the Wet n Wild Week #prettypout challenge:

Wet n Wild actually chose this image to feature on their own Instagram page!  I was honored!

Keep up with and/or join the #prettypout challenge via Instagram with the @partnersinpretty.  Dont forget to use the hashtags!

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