Thursday, April 4, 2013

Black Radiance Week! A #prettypout review

The next brand we chose to celebrate for #prettypout was Black Radiance.  Below is my Instagram recap:

While I enjoyed the shade offerings of the line I was not too pleased with the wear of the Perfect Tone lipsticks.  I would say that these are more of a hydrating product HOWEVER, I have tried other brands that describe their lipstick as hydrating but they still lasted.  I would snap these pics and not even an hour later feel like I needed to touch up the color.  Mind you that was before having a beverage or a bite. 

I feel like Black Radiance is on the right path but may need to work on the formulation a little bit.  As you can see I only did 3 days of this challenge and honestly it was because I was feeling so so about the wear of the the product. So much so that I didnt want to purchase anything else from the line.

Have you tried Black Radiance lipstick or any of their other product offerings?  What did you think?

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