Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Quality over Quantity

This post is in no way shape or form meant to embarrass or put anyone in front street but it def deserves to be said...

Reason for the post - a makeup bag was left in our car over a year ago.  I tried a number of times to return it to its rightful owner to no avail.  In the midst of doing my annual makeup purge I came across the bag again.  The beauty lover in me couldnt resist checking out the goodies inside...

At first I was thinking oh ok cool, mostly MAC products, nothing out of the ordinary there until I took a closer look and discovered that most of the products were merely masquerading as MAC products.  See below...

the bottom palette is the real MAC Hello Kitty palette

open palettes - the real one has only 4 shadows

after swatching the color stained my hand and took some scrubbing to get off

another look

a "mac" lipstick

and another

almost identical...

until you look at the bottom

again, could fool you if you are new to the brand

but always check the labels

and in the age of smart phones it is easy to do a search for swatches or product images of a particular shade - this is NOT 'coppering'  - further more, NO SINGLE SHADOWS CAME OUT WITH THE HELLO KITTY COLLECTION!!!

looks like She Zam...

but again the label confirms that it is not

THIS is She Zam - one of my fav Dazzleglass shades

the bottom of the real She Zam

Again this is NOT to embarass but to EDUCATE!  When I looked up MAC Hello Kitty collection there were so many images for faux MAC it was ridiculous.  Everyone cannot afford MAC, especially with the amount of collections they come out with, hell sometimes I pass up on things too and I am a pro member!  

If you really must have MAC then start with a few staples and build your collection as your pockets allow but in this day and age there are products that are more affordable that are comparable and sometimes even surpass what a name brand can offer.

Those looking to profit from the sale of these counterfeit items are only wanting to make a quick buck, they are definitely NOT concerned about your safety.  Now does it matter how beat down you feel your face is if you no longer have the eyesight to see it yourself because you put non-cosmetic grade, non eye-safe pigments on your eyes?  I think not.

Check out this search link for articles on counterfeit makeup and the dangers associated with purchasing them.  Not trying to scare you...nah eff that, I am; because it is just that serious.  Keep makeup fun, its really not that serious to lose an eye over...literally.

Have you ever mistakenly purchased counterfeit makeup or know someone who has?  Tell me about your experience.

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