Monday, December 31, 2012

Yearly Makeup Purge-2012 edition

Each year I go through all of my makeup and hair stuff, both personal and those items for my kit and I purge. Anything I don't use gets snatched up by my mom first, friends and family second and I also give it to other artists who may be building their kits.

This year I got rid of a decent amount of stuff but I realize I didn't over purchase this year also which is good.     The pics below show what is left.

various things including lip products, foundations, eyeshadow, blush, etc so on and so forth

pigments and glitters (which I usually dont give away fully, but I do sample them out)

I have since organized my pigment and glitter drawers by shade/tone.  This is just my personal collection.  I also purge the professional kit and then re-up on what I need.  Like I am going with new foundations this year so I will be getting rid of my palettes from last year soon.

Do you use the dawn of a new year to get your makeup collection in order?

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