Sunday, November 4, 2012

Love Notes...

So as most of you know, in addition to freelancing I also now work at a spa/salon (spalon as I refer to it).

It's great because I have the freedom to take on freelance work but the security of steady income.

My schedule affords me Saturdays off the clock, but if I have clients I go in.

This Saturday was one of those days, initially 2 people were on my book but it grew to 4.

Well long story short I had 1 cancellation and 2 no shows arrrgghhh but because the universe has a way of balancing itself I ended up having an add on because my brides sister loved the makeup I did, so she asked to receive service also.

So I still ended up with my original two; oh and we have a cancellation policy so still got the coin for the no shows (yes!). What capped off the day was the love note my bride left me...

In other news my locs are at a stage where probably every other day I'm saying its time for a change...that's usually at the same time when I need to wash my hair and retwist which I'm not a fan of.

Well I decided to switch up my style a bit and do a pin up. Y'all know I love my locs curly but lately having the hair in my face has caused my skin to go bananas so I def needed to change that.

I did a pin up inspired by one of my loc stars, Ledisi. And I love it. It's edgy yet functional & if I want to change it up I just let some of the hair down, no sweat.

I snapped some pics while at my mom in laws yesterday, so you can see it before and after all the app editing work. I love apps! 😊

oh so the makeup was a simple daytime smokey look with a cat eye liner and a nude lip which had faded and I was too lazy to reapply. I am so into the lip color though so I will do a post on it another time.

I also love my iPhone which I just upgraded to a 4S! I doubt the 5 is for me. I like being able to get my cute cheap cases from H&M lol

Hope you had a restful nights sleep and turned your clocks back. I have been awake every hour since 11p not even realizing I fell asleep so early. So as the sun comes up, I'm going back to bed! Talk soon :)

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