Monday, October 1, 2012

My first full gel manicure

Just how long is a gel manicure supposed to last? I finally decided to get one because for some reason my nails have been on strike lately, breaking and not growing and that's not cute when working in a spalon environment or when I am freelancing.

I went to an around the way shop and I know she didn't use shellac, I've had one nail done using shellac before and it lasted for MONTHS with no need to redo; however it was another name brand that I cannot recall and do not want to disclose the wrong name.

Anywho I got it done and was in love with the shine and how my nails felt protected. What I didn't like is how I got talked into getting only partial color on my nails. I mean the selling points were great ( as your nails grow you won't be able to tell as much with the clear gel on the bottom and color only on the tips) but I probably wouldn't pick a purple French manicure. I would more than likely just go with all clear or a clear base with some glitter instead.

What perplexes me is with gel I was under the impression that my mani would last longer but the truth of the matter is after a week the bottom began to lift. Where gel remains its still shiny, and I am pleased that my nail tips are still protected but yeah the fact that there was lifting after a week left me feeling some type of way.

I will continue to do the gel manicure but maybe opt for a different brand next time.

Have you tried gel manicures or pedicures? How was your experience?

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