Friday, July 27, 2012

Just Shana-Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pie

A few weeks ago I was inspired by an image that popped up in either my tumblr or instagram feed of this beautiful pie. It was these plump red strawberries encased in a chocolate crust and it looked amazing. Of course the credit for the image was nowhere to be seen but since Google and I go wayyyyu back I got to searching.

I looked for chocolate covered strawberry pie and surprisingly, or maybe not so much, a number of recipes were available. I narrowed mine down a bit more for the no bake version.

When i posted the pic of the finished product a number of you wanted the recipe, so here you go!

Ready made graham cracker crust
Pint of strawberries
Container of Whipped cream/topping
Package of cream cheese
Sugar to taste
Chocolate chips or fudge topping
Vanilla extract (optional)

Combine cream cheese and sugar in bowl until soft; gradually add whipped cream until mixture becomes light and fluffy; slice strawberries ( if you want you can add strawberries to the cream cheese mixture but it may take longer for the filling to set that way); put cream cheese filling in crust; top with strawberries until completely covered; let stand in fridge for two hours; remove and drizzle with chocolate

Ta dah & voila! Simple right? Enjoy!

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