Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just Shana: Perception of Self

I didnt realize it until I returned home but I lost a decent amount of weight while in Barbados...a good ten pounds to be exact.  My clothes fit better and I felt better.

A month later yes some of it has returned but I am trying to be more mindful in knowing when to indulge my foodie tendencies and when to chill the eff out!

All that said, before I left I tried to hide under my clothing, the more baggy, the less color, the better.  On the island I learned to embrace color again and to love my transitioning curves.  So yesterday my mom treated me to a couple of items at good ol' Ross.  While I instinctively tossed my usual black and grey comfort zone items in my cart to try on I opted for more bodycon items (see the pics).  Now of course I have some areas to work on but in venturing out of my comfort zone I realized the bigger clothes actually.make me look bigger.  I am learning to love me again, flaws and all.

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