Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just Shana: Palette Expansion

As with most 20 somethings I partied HARD.  My tolerance was high and I could drink most of my friends under the table.

Now that I'm a mom and freelancer and trying to pull together a wedding on a non existent budget, I first off don't have the time, second the tolerance anymore nor the cash flow to have it up as I once did. 

If I get the off chance to go out, I may have one beverage and I immediately feel the effects. 

All that said I have a fondness for expanding my knowledge of wine.  As a self proclaimed faux foodie I love to try new things and see how they affect my palette. 

Right now I am kinda into wines that are a bit more pleasing in taste.  Something with high tannins doesn't resonate with my tastebuds at the moment.  Here are a couple I've tried recently. 

Loved the Marco Negri, Liberty Creek was ok, the mango moscato was a bit too sweet and really had no bite to it.  Almost felt like I was drinking an old school wine cooler or something...

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