Thursday, March 15, 2012

Diary of an MUA: Operation Kit Condense...again

For tried and true readers of this blog, me trying to condense my kit is not breaking news.  I've gone from a train case, to a rolling train case that my fiance always had to lift for me, to a soft side traincase to a suitcase etc so on and so forth.

You also know that my carry all of choice as of late has been my trusty Zuca backpack.  For a while now I've used it to house all the things I FELT I needed on set/for clients; but for years I have drooled over the super small kits some of my makeup mentors carry, wondering how to get on their level. 

I recalled purchasing a MAC case a few years ago that I never really carried because it was too small and gave it a test run to see if it was feasible to use as my new makeup only kit.  It actually forced me to really dig deep to determine what do I reach for over and over again in my kit no matter what situation I'm in, be it bridal, editorial, film, television or runway, male or female?  What items make me want to cry if I accidentally omit them when packing my kit?  What items have I never ever used but keep with me everytime off my "just in case" ish?

Asking myself those questions got me to finally declutter and I am super pleased with the result.  I transferred my liquid foundations into super tiny bottles gifted by my beauty boo Shida, my cream foundation is already in palette form but I discovered that the shades I use the most come in even smaller packaging, SCORE!  My powders, including shadow, blush and finishing also are in palette form.  Everything else got put into smaller packaging or I purchase travel size i.e. skincare, hand sanitizer, etc.

I travel more now for work and when the time comes for me to fly for a job I don't want to be in a panic trying to figure out how to pass TSA inspection.  I feel confident now that I can just pick up my kit and go, no problem.

If I do hair and makeup for something I still take my Zuca, but for the most part, my MAC set bag pulls the weight.  I just toss my brushes in my purse, which I am happy to say I have also condensed to my must have brushes!  That's saying a lot because I adore brushes.  So I may transfer out a lot but not much.

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