Friday, March 2, 2012

Just Shana: Celebrating "the sig"

"the sig" and I on his bday

I realize I completely failed the February photo a day challenge *smh* BUT I do try to take pics everywhere I go so maybe I should try microblogging...hmmm we shall see...

In any event "the sig" had a birthday so while my mom watched the kids he and I escaped for a little while for brunch.  I LOVE a good brunch but hate that we have to drive to Bucharest to find one worthy of our wallets so when we got wind of The Olde Town Inn we were super excited.  Close to home, decent price and as for the food?  Well just check the pics...

his bday beverage...ON THE HOUSE!

his meal-cant recall the exact name but it had chicken and a bit of a kick

my meal - crab stuffed salmon
and not a single care was given
All kinds of good happened at the Olde Town Inn that day.  We went in for brunch but we arrived right before the dinner menu became available which of course had a more extensive selection, so we opted for that instead.  We devoured some catfish nuggets before I could even think about taking a picture.  $5 mimosas that seemed stronger than usual - thats a plus and I also had a dirty martini.  For the record I like my dirty martinis FILTHY, with vodka and EXTRA olives.  So the only minor critique was that first I received a gin martini, had to send that back, way too strong for me and then the replacement, albeit vodka as requested wasnt as dirty as I would have preferred.  It was still good though but too strong for me to finish sadly.

Highly recommended and yes we will be going back!

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