Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Diary of an MUA: My Day in the Tents!

caught in the act!  My Key MUA sent this one to me :)

My second day in New York this past week had me in the actual tents at Lincoln Center.  I assisted another MUA for a presentation with hosiery designer Emilio Cavallini.  When I applied for the job I just wanted to work Fashion Week, as I stated before, I had no idea I would actually be working Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.  For those that don't know, a number of shows take place during Fashion Week but only a select few show in the tents.  I knew it was serious when I consulted the MBNYFW site and saw the designer listed on the schedule.

Angie (Key MUA) and I before getting to work on the models

I was a bit nervous but I didn't let it get the best of me.  The amazing thing was this was also my Key's, Angie, first time at Fashion Week, so there was an absence of ego.  We both were equally as excited to just be there and both eager to help the other to make sure we got it done as directed.

We happened to be at Lincoln Center: The Box at the same time as the Zang Toi show.  I spotted both Cynthia from Real Housewives of Atlanta and model Angela Lindvall, the host of Project Runway All Stars this season. I was unable to get a picture unfortunately.

The presentation went very well and surprisingly my name and site was included in the press materials that were handed out!  I totally wasn't expecting that.  I also got to see the presentation; whats crazy is if you look at a lot of the images and coverage you can see me, still wearing my brush belt right in the front.  Wild!  Afterwards I met up with an MUA buddy who was in town from LA also working fashion week.  It was awesome to finally meet her (hey Angie! yes both my Key MUA for the show and my visiting MUA buddy are both named Angie but it was not the same person LOL)

Angie (LA) & I @ Sephora after a bite to eat, she did the Alice + Olivia show!

I know a few MUAs who have done Fashion Week and they didnt really like it, I happened to have a great experience and I will totally do it again.  Sleep be damned!  LOL

one of my models

and another

I snapped this because they had a camera crew running after them snapping away.  My brother told me they are models Hanne Gaby & Zuzanna Gregorova - he's so awesome!  :)

lunch for the models backstage

audience participation-there was a live presentation as well as a video


my little space

finally getting the hang of the condensed kit - post on that later

my model getting touched up

my other model

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