Sunday, December 11, 2011

You gonna learn today...

That when your body is trying to talk to you, but you ignore it, often times your body will punish you.

Remember the other day I posted a pic of my nice healthy lunch of a side salad?  Well I followed that with foolery.  My vice is snacking so I may go the whole day and not eat but as soon as I get a breather I chow down on whatever snack is good when you have two kids under the age of 10 cause at any given time any crazy snack may be in here.

Yesterday I had a busy schedule, an FX client and a beauty client followed by a family event.  Felt perfectly fine Friday and hung out with the fam at Wegmans (dont laugh, if you have a Wegmans in your area you know how awesome it is).  I even picked up a variety of veggies to make some vegetarian dishes this coming week.

All was well until the live music led me to the aroma of the hot bar...i kinda knew no good could come of it, especially when making my son's plate he had fried rice, fried chicken, dumplings...that little boy can eat!  I could feel my upper lip begin to dampen with sweat at the impending temptation as you see, I have a problem in that I dont like to tell myself no.  I feel like life is too short for deprivation, the problem with that theory is you can land yourself in some compromising situations...

I started off good at the hot bar - butternut squash with cranberries, kale and carrots, asparagus - but then I just had to have the singapore noodles with shrimp, and the bread pudding...*smh* and yes I had them all together in one container.

The asparagus ended up not being that good but everything else was delicious.  I went to bed full and satisfied (and therein lies another issue, going to bed FULL after eating a bunch of randomness after 7p).

Around 5:30a Saturday morning I awoke with a jolt.  No there was no intruder in our home but there WAS one in my stomach wreaking havoc.  I spent the greater part of Saturday in the bathroom, or bent over with my face in the grass trying to rid my body of whatever toxin was invading.  All bodily functions were engaged in a full out certainly was not pretty.  And yes I STILL went to my FX client at 8a because there are no sick days as a freelancer but yes I did get sick while there...three times.  *sigh*

I ended up having to cancel my 2nd client so as not to risk any more embarassment (sorry Kesh bookie) and passed out in my bed.  I was able to gather a bit of energy to spend time with my extended fam but I didnt eat anything.  I sipped on unsweetened iced green tea.

I will be more diligent from this point forward in practicing healthy eating habits and hope to share my journey here.  I will try to eat raw as much as possible (i picked up some raw, vegan snacks that I will share later) and of course vegetarian.  Every once in a while I will have seafood but that will be very rare.  No more dairy will be consumed, replacing milk with almond milk, as much gluten free as I can do, and cutting back on granulated sugar and sweetening agents.

I leave you with pics of todays breakfast and of my fam from yesterday.

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