Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Miss Piggy for MAC...where's the beef???

Miss Piggy for MAC

Was it only me who got a little excited when I checked my email this morning and saw that the Miss Piggy for MAC collection was available online?  Now granted my pockets are a bit lighter than usual lately but I still wanted to see the offerings and perhaps create a wishlish.  I mean come on, its MISS PIGGY!!  She is an icon take it or leave it.

Disclaimer:  I did receive the press release on the collection but at the time I was on a blogging hiatus and never got a chance to look it over...

So I mosey on over to the MAC site and if y'all couldve seen me trying to click and reclick the link thinking my computer was broken or something because I knew good and well that the only thing available wasnt ONE shadow, some lashes that they probably already carry and a constantly repromoted and quite possibly now permanent liner!  Surely you jest...

I expected so much more!  I wasnt alone either, my beauty bud Kerris felt the same and agreed that this is definitely a pass on this purchase option.  Now I am not a MAC basher; Im not a MAC fiend either but I am really disappointed in this collection.  I feel it totally disrespects Miss Piggy...ok so I am going to end this post now because I am beginning to sound a bit crazy going to bat for a Muppet.  :)

What do you think of the collection?

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