Monday, November 7, 2011

Hobo International Fashion Meets Function Sweepstakes

There are a few things that really speak to a woman, for some its chocolate, for others its beauty products, many are shoe fanatics and even more love a great timeless handbag.  I happen to fall under all of these categories and more as I am also a closet tech geek.  Hobo International, the Annapolis based lifestyle brand with over 20 years of creativity, originality and quality, speaks to most of these desires with their latest sweepstakes.

On November 1st Hobo International introduced their Fashion Meets Function Sweepstakes.  You can enter to win their cross-body bag, the Lorna, as well as an iPad 2!  Look, they are a perfect fit!  :)

On the Hobo Facebook page there is an entry form.  Fill in your information and don't forget to mention how you heard about the contest (via this blog of course - 'Shana Janelle On...'! *smile*) because hey I want some promo too!  LOL

The contest ends on December 9 with the winner being announced on or before December 16, just in time for the holidays.

Good Luck!

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