Saturday, October 29, 2011

She's your queen to be...

I am sitting here on break from doing my first pageant client! 

For those that don't know I work with an on-site makeup and hair company in between #workindaplan and during the more lean months (read cold - I mean it is snowing today) we take on special events to fill the bridal void.  Well my manager called with a last minute gig for a Maryland beauty queen. 

I must say that this has been one of my fav gigs.  Though a beauty queen, crown and sash to boot, she is super down to earth. 
To complete her look I am using a combination of airbrush and traditional makeup because I also had to apply body makeup. 

Her first look was more natural and we upped it a bit for her formal look.

Funny, or not so much really I ran into a bit of a snafu in that I grabbed the wrong bag as I rushed out the house which for me meant no lip products, no brow pencils but most frightening (perfect for Halloween weekend) NO...BRUSHES!!!!

A random M.A.C. kabuki powder brush was in one of my bags and with no Target in sight to get the entire E.L.F studio line, I ran in Michaels and headed for the maxine mop section.  All I needed was a few eye brushes and on the way out I spotted a pencil roll for $4.99 to keep them in.  Perfect!

As luck would have it there was also a Sally's Beauty about five minutes from the location so I took advantage of the .99 cent lip products they offer.

I learned that I don't always need my full arsenal of tools to get the job done.  Quality over quantity always, being prepared is one thing but just bringing things in my kit that don't fit the gig is another.

All's well that ends well!

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