Monday, October 10, 2011

Beauty Bulletin: Inglot Adds Three New Shades of Translucent Loose Powders

Ever since Inglot became a blip on the radar of makeup enthusiasts they have been cranking out additions to their line to hold our interest.  Today came the announcement of the addition of three more shades to their translucent powder range.

These new powders are more for correcting as opposed to matching skin tones. The #216 is the translucent, completely colorless.  This powder can be used on pretty much everyone as long as it is used sparingly.  If you want to give a finishing touch to a look, reach for this.  It gives polish without compromising the look.  Again, keep in mind that a little goes a long way.  To neutralize and brighten the skin try #217 which has a yellow tone to it, and to correct discoloration leaning more towards purple or for the under eye area #218, the more peachy of the three, would be your best bet.

Be sure to visit to view everything Inglot has to offer.  For my pro artists they do have a discount so get your credentials in order.  Happy shopping!

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