Thursday, August 18, 2011

W.O.W. - Sugar & Spice Fitness for Women

As most of you know I have been getting serious about getting healthy.  I run at least three times a week using the Couch to 5k app and I have recently begun doing cardio interval training using my Nike Training Club app (thanks to Ty for sharing the info!).  Well before I found out about the apps the only way I could get my behind up and moving was some form of class.  I had to have someone actually telling me when to move and how and it had to be fun!

At one point in time there was a really popular exotic dance fitness place here in the area that has since closed down.  I had been on the hunt for something to fill the void and I think I have found it in Sugar & Spice Fitness for Women.  Sugar & Spice offers two categories of classes - the Sugar, which is the more traditional offering of fitness such as Kickboxing or Zumba and then you have the Spice, which is what I am excited about...dont look at me like that!  Anyway, Spice is all about, you guessed it, those classes designed to slim your silhouette all while preserving your sexy.  They even offer B*Fierce which is also known as Beyonce Fitness!  OMG! Remember when I mentioned that here?  You know I am all over that right?

If you live in the area and want to give them a try before you commit, then here is your chance, see below for details:

Exotic Dance Fitness Workshop- Saturday, August 20th at 11am

Join us this Saturday, August 20th at 11:00 am for the Exotic Fitness 101 workshop!
Only $15*
Classes will be held at our DC location, 916 G St. NW. We are conveniently located between Metro Center and the Gallery Pl. metro stops. There is also ample parking on the street around the building.
Also, don't forget to purchase your Zumba class pass online!
Our 30 minute Zumba INTENSITY class is at 10:30am every Saturday
Only $6 or 5 classes for $25!*
*prices applies to online purchases only.

You can reach out to Sugar & Spice Fitness via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Wordpress.

Leave a comment below letting me know if you plan on attending the class this weekend.  

W.O.W. (Work Out, Woman!) will feature brands, apps, events, etc.  geared to those ready to take their beauty to the next level by getting healthy and active.

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