Monday, August 8, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 23

Day 23 – 15 facts about you
  1. I am 5 ft 7 in tall, and up until I turned maybe 18 I was considered tall, then all of a sudden I was short...and I found that very odd
  2. I am the only girl and the only single out of my siblings...I have two sets of twin brothers
  3. Twins run on both sides of my family, maternal and paternal so I was scared I would have twins, but I didnt, yay!  and so far neither have my brothers...again odd...
  4. I have 3 tattoos, and I hate all but one of them...stay tuned for the post when I get 2 of them covered...
  5. I used to have serious stage fright, and I do still kinda but now I get a rush from the panic, my heart beats really fast, I start to sweat but for some reason I love it!  Catch me doing karaoke and public speaking pretty often
  6. I pretty much flunked out of college...the first time.  I did it correctly the second time (Yay FIT!)
  7. I have a fear of failure which in turn makes me procrastinate sometimes
  8. I have zero patience, once I had kids it went out the window
  9. I LOVE to dance, used to do it often, not so much anymore but I really want to do a form of exercise where all you do is the choreography from Beyonce vids the whole time - wouldnt that be fun?  *crickets*
  10. I hate driving, anything over an hour and I am done
  11. I love to lip sync in the mirror, I think thats why I like karaoke so much
  12. I have scoliosis
  13. In reference to #12, but I also have a pretty high tolerance for pain
  14. in reference to #13, because of that I was able to give birth to my son who was 9lbs and some change with no pain medication...not by choice but I did it
  15. I am a loner but love to hang with my girls...oxymoron
You see I fell off again with this challenge, thats because the questions or challenges are getting harder.  This is my feeble attempt at Day 23, but hey at least I got through it.  *whew*

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