Tuesday, August 23, 2011

FOTD-Recreation of the UD 15 Year Anniversary Palette Look

image c/o urbandecay.com
Another inspired look I did after seeing the above face chart on Urban Decay's site.  I went there in search of a promo image to go along with the release of the 15 year Anniversary Palette however the face chart was all I could locate.  I thought it was a gorgeous look so I decided to do my take on it.  The onset of cooler temps (hello 60+ degree weather! WHOO HOO!) has me wanting to play with color a bit more - so backwards.

Now in the video below I give a mini review on the palette however I may have come off a bit harsh if you will.  Do not get me wrong, I adore Urban Decay (and no I was not contacted by anyone about my review, I just don't want you all to jump to conclusions).

As I said in the video I love the brand for the color payoff and texture of their shadows however I would love to see them switch it up a bit with the color offerings.  The 24/7 Shadow Pencils (I used Rehab in my date night FOTD vid) are gorgeous but again color selection is limited.  I contend that while a popular brand, if Urban Decay were to increase their color range with something never before seen by them, even if we have seen it from other brands, that their popularity would sky rocket.  I will purchase from them again, I just will be diligent in my research to be certain I am not repurchasing the same color over and over again.

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