Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beauty Buzz: August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month

Did you know that there was a month dedicated to hair loss?  I am always amazed that so many causes are recognized especially when related to the beauty industry.  Once I was informed I wanted to learn more especially with this being a taboo topic, yes for men but especially for women what with traction alopecia, over processing and/or styling our hair and also just our genetic makeup in general.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, hereditary hair loss affects around 30 million American women and 50 million American men.  Good to know that those suffering from thinning hair (and it may be some of you reading this) are not alone but I am sure that it doesn't offer all that much comfort because you still want to combat the condition.  Well with the cooler temps upon us this is the time to make a change and find out the best steps to get back to healthy hair.  We know summer time brings about such activities as lounging by the pool and trips to the beach; that salt water, chlorine and sun bathing can and probably has resulted in some damage.

Here are some ways to de-stress the hair:

  • Healthy Diet and Exercise - yes I know, I know, they say that is the cure for everything but for the most part it is!  A lot of the time stress can be directly attributed to the concerns we have - breakouts, gaining weight, losing weight, back pain, and yes hair loss.  One of the biggest factors in genetic hair loss is hormonal imbalance. Adjusting what you eat and your physical activity is the most simple and natural remedy, and while results may not be instant, they will be long standing
  • Clean scalp - rubbing lemon juice on the scalp in a gentle manner and leaving on for about 15 minutes will improve the condition of your scalp and aid in clearing up dandruff
  • Calcium - a daily dose from foods such as dairy and sunflower seeds
  • Vitamin B - if you have trouble with dry hair increase your intake of foods such as brown rice and bananas 
If you are into gadgets  then you can also check out the HairMax Laser Comb.  Recently approved by the FDA to treat hair loss and promote hair growth, this product could help tackle the issue without having to leave the comfort and privacy of your home.

    Lastly, some may want to rely on a trusted name in hair loss treatment and prevention - in steps Bosley Professional Strength.  They have come up with what they call "a comprehensive hair preservation regimen" to help men and women achieve more healthy hair.  The program includes everything from daily use shampoos that target those who have just started to experience thinning to those with visible hair loss, styling products, treatments and supplements.

     I recently had to come to terms with thinning hair also.  Inherited from my dad, my edges are a bit thin and of course as I have said before I have done so many things to this head of mine that I am sure I didn't help the situation any.  Thankfully I have a loctician who can create magic so he worked it out.  I now take better care of my hair and am mindful of the stress I not only put on my scalp and hair but also the stress I allow to affect my life.  I eat better, work out regularly and keep anything that can heighten my stress at bay.  I hope these tips and information helps some of you!

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