Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Outside the store
A Few of Francois Nars' favorite things - all for sale aside from a piece of coral and a statue that came right from his home
one side of the store display - do you recognize anyone in this pic?  Its none other than Kia of Yummy 411!
Tote bags that were given to us BEFORE we even made a purchase!
The goods - I only purchased 2 of these items, the rest were samples!
The Samples - eyeshadow crayon, primer, and moisturizer
The Purchases - Dragon Girl lip crayon and Jungle Red lip pencil
Swatches - eyeshadow crayon, dragon girl and jungle red
Another swatch (top to bottom) - eyeshadow crayon, dragon girl lip crayon, jungle red lip pencil
I am choosing to detail my weekend excursion to NY out of chronological order because I am eager to let you know how much customer service can make or break an experience.

Before heading to midtown to board the bus back home we stopped off in Soho to visit the new NARS boutique. I believe its only been open for a week, and understandably so this means they are still working out some of the kinks. For instance I inquired about using my pro discount in the store and unfortunately because the boutique is the first of its kind, the discount is still only applicable online. So yall know me, I resolved right then and there that I would swatch and make a list for purchasing later WITH discount. Well...famous last words because the customer service in that place is impeccable.

First and foremost, as evident by the images the space has a minimalist aesthetic. Though all products are on display beckoning to be swatched and tested they are presented in a way that isnt overwhelming. Upon entering I fully expected to be met with the Manhattan once-over (sorry, i am heavy into Confessions of a Shopaholic at the moment) and instead received a warm welcome, luggage and all. Cindy and Miguel cracked jokes with us, divulged a few insider secrets and overall made us want to stay much longer than we did.

Cindy is the epitome of New York style. Rocking an all black ensemble with a Louboutin to boot (no pun intended) and topped off with the sickest lip combo (schiap lipstick with jungle red liner) she was our willing and fully capable guide. She didnt push us to purchase, but was instead very knowledgeable, not just about her brand either. Long story short we each walked out of there with a purchase and not an ounce of buyers remorse. I fully intend to go back-discount or not and i suggest if you are visiting NY soon that you add 413 Bleecker Street to your list of must see spots.
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