Monday, December 20, 2010

Recents and Randoms as of Dec 20...

I often snap pics with my blackberry and save them in my file marked "blog" but then I forget they are there - as a reminder of all things (duh Shana) so because of that I now have to bombard you with updates real quick.  Here goes (brace yourself-lengthy and pic heavy):


Here I am with fellow DC MUA's for our first B.Y.O.B Event (Bring Your Own Brushes) We had such a great time that the next event was scheduled within a matter of days following us meeting.  Asia, Siccola, Nyoka and I spent the evening enjoying good food, good beverages and great MUA related topics.  Cant wait to see you ladies in a few weeks!  *hugs*


Still growing strong!  Y'all know I love my loctician and whenever I go he has something new to share.  This time it was the "signature loc" process.  Ever wanted to color your locs but had the fear of damaging your hair?  Well fear no more!  The blondie loc in the front there was actually one that was about to break (dont ask) so he repaired it and then made it a signature loc.  My other signature locs are hot pink (go bold or go home right?)  Pics below will show them better though you can see one peeking in the back there.  In total I have five colored locs now. 

See?  Now 3 can be seen, the other two are in the back somewere - anywho this is me at the Secret Santa Girlfriend Gift Exchange 2010 Edition!  My friends and I have been doing this each year for, wow, maybe 10 years now, give or take.  Each year we pick names and exchange gifts after dinner.  This year we selected Eatonville on U Street.  Dont I look super happy for my Armani Exchange box?

Thats cause I WAS super happy!  I received an infinity/circle scarf (love these things - I have 3 now but I must get more, more I say!) and my new hot boots!  Werent even on my list but "santa" knew I had to part with my most fave OTK black boots and I was not happy.  Now I have new ones yay!

After the gift exchange we hit Tabaq for a birthday party and danced the pounds away!  We are missing one in this photo - she hates taking pics *smh*


Picked up these NYX Lipsticks a few weeks ago.  I really wanted the dark one to be a dupe for MAC Cyber - yeah not so much and the red one was just whispering sweet nothings to me so I had to bring it home of course.  Penelope (dark) Snow White (red).

Milani sure knows how to make you do a double take.  I peeped these new Baked Marble Shadows and of course had to have them.  They can be used wet or dry.  I really wanted Rich Java to be a deep chocolate brown but it is more bronze and Blue My Mind while pretty can be easily duped, trust me I know...

Milani also has added to their glitter polish line.  I was able to get the gold one which after application is difficult to photograph but it gives a beautiful effect on the nail.  This result was achieved by packing the polish/glitter on as opposed to brushing it on as you would a normal nail polish.  If you go the routine route you will just push the chunks of glitter around and drive yourself insane in the process...

 Jessie's Girl haulage from Rite Aid...
 Swatch of Jessie's Girl polish - def needs to be packed on or layered...
 Swatches of Jessie's Girl Liquid Crystal Lip Gloss in Violet and Wicked
 Violet (top), Wicked (bottom)
 Didnt I say no more lip swatches???  yeah well I lied I guess...Wicked


One of my brides from earlier this year sent me this picture and wanted to thank me again for making her feel good on her wedding day.  She is definitely one of my most fav clients ever! 

My friend Dana had a military ball to attend a couple of weeks ago and asked if I could do her makeup for the event.  I did and here is the result:

Go Dana!


The end...finally!

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