Friday, October 15, 2010

Really random FOTDs and crappy cell pics

The title says it all but I bothered to take the pics so I may as well force them on you.  I dont know product info or exact dates so if you have a question I can try to answer but other than that...Enjoy! 

 been into my Kevyn Aucoin books and the whole Sam Fine look lately-that contoured neutral look, not to be confused with natural.  I am all over it.  Still on the hunt for the perfect contour though, in this instance I used a brown shadow
 uh yeah I dont know.  I wanted to do a pink lip with a smokey silver eye, works for me I guess :shrug
 natural look with a forced smile...mustve been work bound...
 in sunny CA in August on business but this was during some down time obviously.  I was all about a bold lip and eyeliner while there
 see?  still bold lips and eyeliner and my little faux turban look that my friend clowned me about but I love it!
 This last pic was taken in September.  I was on my way to my friends 30th bday party.  I did her makeup for the big event and tried to do a Ledisi type pin up on my hair.  I think it went pretty well.  See below for a pic from the party with some of my friends...

 The birthday girl Kesh and a shot of her makeup
 Here's a pic of some of the crew.  Purple is the bday girl Kesh, fav color.  Everyone else wore either black or grey.  The end!

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