Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bridal Work - Images at last!

Most MUA's will tell you that when you work with brides it is pretty much guaranteed that you will NOT see any images of the work you do on that day.  Unless you know the bridal photographer or establish a hook up on the spot you can forget about it.  I, for one, have come to terms with it, though it would be nice for my portfolio I am not going to go hunting brides down for images.  I am satisfied if they are just happy with the look I give them for the day.

Well as luck would have it I came across a blog post via Twitter of a bridal vendor I worked with a few months ago on a wedding at the beautiful National Harbor.  The bride and her family were really great to work with and now I get to see images from that day!  Head on over to Belle Soeur Bridal Blog (Hey Alison!) to read about the day and see me in action!

**UPDATE**   I am on a roll today!  As soon as I posted about the blog I came across a video of another bride I worked with this summer.  Check out the Sweet Marital Bliss theater to view a vid of Angela & David's wedding day.

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