Thursday, July 1, 2010

On Set - Saul's Groove

I received a lead on a small film project being shot in the area from a producer who hired me for my first feature film 2 years ago.  They always look out for me and I love them for that.  I responded to the casting and ended up booking the job!

Saul's groove is a film short written by Candace Simmons.  I, of course, could tell you about the story here but I think it would be better coming from the writer herself so head here to listen to her vision in her own words.  Those of us who reside in the D.C. area are always commenting about how small the area really is, well imagine my surprise when I found out the director/writer is actually the sister of an amazing beauty photographer here in the area - Ajani Truth!  Ajani and I are not only Twitter pals but he also went to high school with 'the sig' and I have only been trying to shoot with him for over a year.  The Simmons clan is super cool and uber-talented (check out Ajani's work here) and I have been enjoying working with them.  Hopefully Ajani and I can make a magical shoot happen sooner rather than later! 

Saturday I reported for duty and had the opportunity to work with two of the leads.  The "girlfriend" played by Chrislene was AMAZING!  I mean, we bust out in applause after her first take!  In filming you often have to do take after take after take and she didnt lose an ounce of steam.  Check her out, she definitely has the "IT" factor.  I also worked with "Saul" who also plays "Pops" which should give you an idea of how I had to work with him.  On Sunday I worked with "Dazey" the other female lead.  I didnt get to see her in action since my call time was over before they started shooting but I heard she was awesome as well.  Here are some behind the scenes shots I took.

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