Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mini Random Haul with Nikkia of Silver Lips Beauty!

I happened to have a day off last week and was able to hang out with Nikkia of Silver Lips Beauty!

First of all, to take in the wonder of Nikkia's beauty stash at her place is the equivalent of a beauty smorgasbord so I was extra excited to hang with her for some beauty banter and buying.  Let's see what I picked up shall we?

(Ben Nye Indian Copper, BN Brush Cleaner, 2 BN Blushers, 2 Liquid Lustre lip glossers)

First stop was Kinetic Artistry - it is a theatre arts supply store and I have been trying to check it out for years!  I usually go to Backstage Books as it is accessible via public transportation AND right near Eastern Market (for those that arent in the area Eastern Market is an open air market with great vendors), but I have discovered that Kinetic is worth the drive as the products are cheaper!  *GASP*  Definitely will be going back soon.

Here is the Liquid Lustre up close - looks like Dazzleglass to me!  Now there is no specific company name associated with the product.  They just say 'Liquid Lustre'.  I did a search to see what came up and I got this company.  I only paid $9 for mine though...

and the swatches - love them!  They do dry my lips out a bit after I wear them but I slightly dont care.  They are too pretty to not use!  LOL

Next stop was this hidden gem of a nail supply store that Nikkia hipped me to.  Dont ask me the name or where it is because I would be lying if I said I could remember.  All you need to know is that it is nail polish heaven as you can see by my above pic and the damage I did - for shame...

I also got a pack of these for like $3, this way I can have my own personal spa flip flops when I go for my pedis and I can wear them out the place if I want to!

Here are all the polishes out of the box.  While I did purchase quite a few they were super cheap.  The most expensive polish was $3 and that was the OPI one.  Speaking of OPI...

I need to be more mindful of what I already have at home.  These 3 polishes are quite similar although they are different.  The newest OPI is that Gargantuan Green Grape that I wanted when it first came out but its really close to that Milani one in the middle which I think is Green Glow but I could be wrong and they are not too far from my beloved Limited Edition OPI Damone Roberts 1968 on the right there, hmmmm.  I also noticed that I dont need anymore orange, green or blue nail polish for a while...maybe.

I was bored so I swatched all my purchases while waiting for my mom to come out the store later that day...

Nikkia and I have been on the hunt for the YSL polish that Mischo Beauty put us on to and it is always sold out!  Well part of my goal in visiting the nail supply place was to find a dupe for it, and I think I found a good one...though I still want the YSL version o_O

Meet China Glaze Style Wars!

I wore it last week and I LOVED it!  I am sure I will do another mani with it soon at which point I will be certain to take a pic to share with you all.

Our next stop was Michaels for a number of reasons.  I needed more of these stackable storage jars.  They are $8.99 for I think 30.  Cant beat it!  Then Nikkia applied peer pressure and we both ended up getting not only the containers but the little brush cleaner pack and the cleaner jar (I will review that later).  We were also trying to solve the mystery of what glitter Beat Face Honey uses in her looks because she said she got it from Michael's.  We think we found it.  Nikkia purchased and I chickened out.  LOL

With all my pretty new polish I needed a new topcoat - at the advice of Kia of Yummy411 I picked this up and I am so happy she suggested it.  It gives the best patent leather like shine.  Definitely pick some up if you can.

These were not picked up that day but they were waiting for me when I got back to work the next day.  These are for my kit at the suggestion of Kevin James Bennett - finally trying Embryolisse!  I got some 'No Sweat' for my summer brides with outdoor photo ops and a no color pressed setting powder.  I ordered all three from Paint and Powder Cosmetics.

Thanks again Nikkia for the fun!

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