Monday, July 26, 2010

I Wanna Be An MUA: Kevin James Bennett Edition - FINALE!! *pic heavy*

Well I sure know how to drag out a two day class now don't I?  HA!  We have finally made it to the end of this ride and of course I saved the best for last - THE SHOOT!  Our assignment was to create clean beauty looks on the models (Thanks to T.H.E., Wilhelmina and Modelogic for the beautiful ladies!) and then have our work critiqued as images were taken by the great Luis Aragon (have wanted to shoot with him for like 2 years now and didn't think I was ready *sigh*) and Kevin.  You talking about nervous?  Honey...but I am always up for a challenge, so much so that when a challenge was thrown out during class I stepped up and took it!  More on that later.

So again we had to do at LEAST 2 different clean looks on 2 different models and possibly a more amped up look on a third model if we allotted ourselves enough time.  We also had to select models that we were naturally uncomfortable with (meaning we never worked with their skin-tone, nationality, etc.).  I noticed my first two models right away and as soon as we were given the go ahead I ran, just like you see on reality TV.  LOL  Yall know I let the dramatics out every now and then LOL  Lets take a look shall we?

 My setup for the day - until that is we were told to edit even more (no shimmer shadows, one blush, etc.)
What I used for shadows that day - 6 MAC shadows and my Graftobian Warm Foundation Palette (this is the palette that KJB kept coming to borrow from me for the other students in the class - it is a MUST have esp as it can pull double even triple duty - foundation, shadow and bronzer/blush color)
This is what came in our goodie bags c/o Paint and Powder Cosmetics - I used the Episilk lip balm for the shoot that day - it was amazing!

Ok so remember this is clean beauty.  We want the client to look like themselves but more polished.  So here are my behind the scene shots of the models...

My first model was Haylie.  This was her first photo shoot!  She is with Modelogic and this is her before shot.
Here is her after.  I ended up changing her lip color.  Initially I didnt want to take away from her natural lip color since it was so pretty but on camera the eye kept going straight to her lips so we made it more nude.

Haylie getting pointers from Luis before shooting.

 And the shoot begins!
This is Merron (I may be spelling her name incorrectly, sorry!) and she is also with Modelogic.
This is Merron's after - her skin and skin tone is so gorgeous.  This phone photo isn't doing her justice.

After her shoot we broke for lunch - yum!  When we returned I already knew who my 3rd model would be but right before I began to work on her a challenge was offered that I initially didn't intend to take but when no one else stepped up I took that as my cue.  The next model had to leave for work.  I had literally 15 minutes to get her camera ready.  I am so upset I forgot her name, but we were rushing!
She'd already had her 2 natural looks so I was able to play a bit more with her look, but I still wanted her to look pretty, not overdone...

Here is her after.  We ended up adding a bit more bronzer to her cheeks but other than that I was happy with the look especially since it was a rush job.
This is my last model Jenny.  I was the only student to do 4 looks that day so I didnt have a chance to get a shot of her before but I love how her look came out.  Jenny is with T.H.E. and Wilhelmina if I am not mistaken.
Here is Jenny on set.  I dont know if you can tell but she has the cutest little baby bump.  CONGRATS JENNY and thanks again!

I cant wait to see the finished images!

As a bonus, here are some other pics from that day of the goodies in Kevin's kit.  Thanks again to Kevin James Bennett, Studio 400, Kathy Aragon, Luis Aragon and Hidden Oasis Salon and Spa

This is Kat's mom!  She is SUPER funny and really sweet.  We were short on the first day when we practiced on each other so I had the pleasure of doing makeup for Kat's mom.  Hidden Oasis Salon and Spa is her baby and where Kat got her start!  Thanks again mom!

Three Custom Color Lip Effects Palette
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - one of the models had sun damage, this cream to the rescue!
 Cozzette Angle Foundation Brush
Anisa International Inc flat top duo fibre brush
The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver -very fresh scent, he also had Parisian Spirit spray
 Ve Neil foundation brush - she had this brush custom created for Keanu Reeves on the set of The Matrix because he didnt like the feel of brushes on his face first thing in the WAS quite soft...
KJB's neutral palette - all matte M.U.F.E. shadows in a Z Palette 

His color palette, again all Matte M.U.F.E. shadows, save for the silver, bronze and gold.  I used that hot pink and red/orange one as a blush on Merron - GORG!
O.C.C. pigments
Purely Cosmetics Diamond Powder-super soft to the touch
Remember I showed you all the brush bag?  Well it was a Rap Bag, here it is closed - I NEED IT CLONED ASAP!  This site has one discontinued bag but not that brush one *sigh*
2 Royal & Langnickel brush prototypes that are definitely going to end up in my kit as soon as they are available in September!
Rubber Spoolies!  SO much better than the other disposables that I normally carry.

Thanks for reading!

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