Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Go With Your Gut! *long read*

So you have read about part 1 of my day this past Sunday and how I got sick yada yada blah.  Well part 2 of that day was just as crazy. 

Backstory: A few months ago I had a shoot scheduled with a well known local photographer that I was very excited for.  Well as luck would have it I ended up getting sick the day before.  I notifed the model and photog that I wasnt feeling well and I didnt think I would be able to make it.  Long story short, I was right, I couldnt make it.  Unfortunately I may have messed up any chance of working with either of them again because it seems that I flaked.  This is part of the reason why I still had to see my client on Sunday no matter how I was feeling.

Ok current story:  After I left my bridal client I headed to my scheduled shoot.  I was feeling a bit better but still not 100% but I pressed on.  Once I arrived I called the photog as directed since he indicated the front door was secure.  He indicated that he was about five minutes away.  He did show up shortly thereafter and apologized for the delay, it was due to *wait for it* him being at the free clinic and he still didnt see a doctor.  :sideeye  Not sure what I was supposed to do with that bit of info and even though it made me feel some kind of way I chose to ignore it - wrong idea #1

Backstory: When talking via email with the photog he sent me images of the models and each time made some sorta off - putting comments about their looks.  Complimentary yes but in a skeevy kinda way - preliminary wrong idea #0.1

Current: so we make our way up in the elevator and descend upon a dark hallway, kinda reminiscent of a movie where there's this long dark hallway with a series of singular lights hanging from the ceiling.  So its lit but still dark?  And still I continued to go with him - wrong idea #2

We come to a door that he has to put a code in to enter, we continue - wrong idea #3, leads us to another interior door that needs a key, we continue - wrong idea #4, finally coming to a space that is well lit, with music playing and an artist painting who greets us and asks if we are shooting to which the photog responds yes and I smille and nod. 

I am thinking ok this must be where we are shooting, white walls, lots of light, ok great.  Yeah, no...photog then points and says we are going in that room (yet another door) that leads into what looks like a supply closet come junk room - junk all over the floor, the size of a gas station bathroom at a highway rest stop, just not an ideal shooting area, but for some reason I push my views out of my head and start to set up - wrong idea #5...

He's making small talk but all I am thinking is just set up so we can finish so I can get the hell on.  Model shows up and he wants to take before photos of her...which he does...kinda...you see at one point he asks her to hold the flash thingy (cant think of the name of it right now) and then he couldnt figure out how to use it...so the model begins to ask him about his background.  He says he wanted to be a filmmaker, but then got introduced to photography and became a photojournalist instead, then graphic design, then he was in Paris for a few months, then did fashion design.  He showed us a business card he designed for a friend and honestly the caliber of work was not equal to what he said his background was. 

He stepped out to take a call and the model and I began to talk and say how we didnt trust it, something just isnt right, etc. and while we were talking something goes down outside between him and the artist dude and the artist storms out.  Photog then comes back in and shuts the door behind him.  Well the model and I didnt need any more signs, we were outta there. 

We made it out safely and were able to warn the other model who was scheduled to arrive since she was coming alone.  I share this story because I know some of you are working on building your portfolio.  Yes we need images, but we dont need them so much that our lives may be put in danger or we are put in situations where our integrity may be compromised.  After the model and I left we went to get a bite to eat and chat and realized that there wasnt even an area (bathroom, etc.) for her to change clothes! 

Definitely do your research before hand.  Check out references.  I know it can be quite costly to pay someone to take images for your port but if you can save up and go ahead and pay, it is worth the investment, trust.  Unfortunately from this point forward TF shoots will be few and far between for me unless each and every thing is checked.  I am so mad at myself for not trusting my instincts.  Let this story be a lesson for you.  Good luck to you!

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