Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FOTD Catch Up

I try to remember to take pics now but I cant seem to remember to upload them! LOL Anyway, here are some FOTD's from the past week or so.

Not sure when this was exactly, I believe I was on my way to do a bridal trial since its a neutral look and I have my phone earpiece in.  The earpiece means I am listening to my boo the GPS lady.  She hasnt let me down yet!  LOL

Another neutral look with a slight hint of color (pink) on the eyes and cheeks.  Yeah I dont know but I mustve been enjoying the earrings (picked them up from Eastern Market - will have to do a post on her stuff soon!) because here they are again and I have them on again today!  LOL

This was a work day, I wanted to do, what else, neutral but pop some color somewhere.  I opted for a teal (which you cant see that much) on the lower lash line. 

Ooh look something new...no really it isnt, its another neutral look!  HA!  On my way to another bridal trial last Friday (yep I booked it).  I got the hair clip from Aldo in Atlantic City back in February.  I love it and now I am on a hair clip mission to accentuate the baby locs.

I wanted to rock a red lip.  If you see the trend in my FOTD's I tend to go more for a bold eye and a neutral/nude lip.  Not sure why, its just a thing I do.  Well the red was calling me this past weekend.  I am the key artist for a short film so I was free to be a bit more daring.  Plus I was wearing the Makeba II earrings I won from Rachel Stewart so I wanted something to work with the pop of red in them.  Wish I wouldve gotten a better pic of the earrings but I did get compliments on them.  I need to stock up on her pieces; they are bold and creative, I love them!

Thats it for now!

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