Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bridal Beauty: Natural Beauty

I received a referral for a bridal trial last week.  The bride was very easy going and wanted a really natural look.  She didnt wear much more than a light shadow and gloss on a regular basis and didnt want to look overdone. 

She didnt really have any skin issues so I focused more on accentuating her eyes with neutral tones.  She did want lashes and a bit of a sexy look with them so I opted for individuals.  While I thought they were a bit too much drama she liked them.  We are still in a toss up over them but I know we will get it worked out before the end of the month which is when I am set to take care of her and her bridal party!  Again I must say I am lucking out with my bridal clients.  Each has been so wonderful to meet and get to know.  As always as soon as I get pro pics I will share!  Now for my snapshots:



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