Thursday, May 27, 2010

#Zoya Hot Lips review

Hopefully you all got to take advantage of the deal Zoya offered two weeks ago!  As you can see above Zoya is now offering lip products!!!!  New Zoya Hot Lips Glossy Lip Balm is now available in 40 shades and I picked up these three - pictured from left to right are Sorbet, Sweet Tart and Entourage.  The colors you see in the image are pretty true to life.

The formulation of these balms give just the right amount of color for a quick pop to the lips while offering maximum conditioning all without being sticky.  Even the most dry lip is instantly soothed with these.  Sorbet is now a constant fixture in my cosmetic bag!  See below for swatches (keeping in mind it was around midnight when I did these so I am really trying it with the facial expressions - a mess! HA!)

SORBET-my fav! its the nude I have always wanted (Still awake)
SWEET TART (getting sleepy)
ENTOURAGE (done! Sandman right at my door!)

I tried ZOYA HOT LIPS and the truth is it will be a welcome addition to your makeup bag.  With a slight hint of shimmer these will add (pardon the pun) polish to your look without looking like you are trying too hard.

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