Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Wanna Be an MUA - transformations at a boudoir shoot

I have developed a great working relationship with a photographer, we seem to be in sync with the concepts she likes to create. She is the same photographer who did the book cover shoot so this was our 2nd collaboration. We will be working together again this weekend and I cant wait!

For this particular shoot she wanted a deep red lip and that would mainly be the focus but she was concerned with how it would come across with the models features and hair color and asked my opinion. I told her that its true that when women of color go for a lighter hair color (in this case blonde) that they tend to go for a bold eye and a more neutral lip (a la Mary J Blige, Tyra Banks, etc.) so I told her we could try both giving her a variety of shots. She said she would leave it up to me! I was honored.

I did the neutal lip first with a cat eye accented with golds and browns and it went over well but the red lip stole the show! Here are before and afters of the model to show how choosing the different color spectrums can change someone's look completely.

This is from the models portfolio before our shoot

This was at the shoot we did
I think it came out nice, but then again I am biased. :-)
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