Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Wanna Be an MUA - my 1st editorial style shoot - and becoming 1 with nature...

I did a shoot that I feel really gave me a glimpse into the editorial side of this business. When talking with the model beforehand and she gave me the location she mentioned a mall so Im thinking we would be near civilization...we were NEAR it but thats not where we shot. LOL There was a little clearing across from the mall with a bike trail, bridge and a wall with heavy grafitti (which is the main reason why we were shooting there) . The photographer has shot there before but it was in the winter so minus the extra foliage. Well unfortunately because of the added leaves that this time of year brings we couldnt make it down the embankment to the wall safely, with equipment, extra clothes, etc. so we had to improvise. FINALLY some behind the scenes footage courtesy of my BB! Those of you who follow me on Twitter were able to catch a sneak peek already. The pic above was the location we ended up with...

Here is the model & photographer before we put on our hiking shoes (not really, I had on FLIP FLOPS!!!)

In order for us to get here we had to climb under a wooden fence and then under a wire fence, climb down some rocks, hold on to some branches, dodge snake skins...again I was wearing flip flops people! LOL But hey we found some grafitti afterall!

Model & photog in action after a quick wardrobe change and makeup touch-up

The model was a real trooper, not one complaint was uttered from her! There were bugs galore down there (flies, mosquitos, spiders the size of our hands, etc.), she caught a dragonfly and perched it on her shoulder for one of the shots, just on a whim. It was great!

I was sooooooooooo tired afterwards but it was sooo worth it for me. I am really enjoying getting a chance to experience all of the different shoots. I think this is by far one of my favs despite having to brave the elements. Here is one of the final shots:

I adore it! Thanks for stopping by!

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